TTL-DPL-001エラー問題の解決と顛末、今後の対応 – TTL-DPL-001 Error problem resolution, details and future countermeasure


日本時間2021/01/27 12:00頃から発生していた「TTL-DPL-001」の問題について、サーバ拡充によって概ね解決しました事をご報告いたします。


Thank you for playing B100X.

We would like to inform you that the problem of “TTL-DPL-001” that occurred around 12:00 on January 27, 2021 JST has been mostly solved by expanding the server.

This article tells you how this problem occurred and how to deal with it in the future.


現在もエラーが発生している方へ – For those who are still having error




“TTL-DPL-001” is an error that occurs when the setting file cannot be downloaded from the game server if you cannot log in to the game server before the title screen is displayed.

Even if you start the game on the title screen, “Reconnect to the game server” will not be performed so “TTL-DPL-001″ cannot be disappeared.

Therefore, please restart the game once to reconnect to the game server.

問題発生期間 – Trouble span

2021/01/27(水/Wed) 12:00 ~ 2021/01/28(木/Thu) 07:00 JST (およそ/About)

問題発生の顛末 – Particulars of the problem

B100Xでは、10,000 CCU(同時接続数)までを許容しているゲームサーバのクラウドサービス(=mBaas)を利用しておりました。

ところが、リリース後の午前12時を前後して1,000 CCUに到達した頃、TTL-DPL-001エラーでログインできない旨のご連絡を複数いただき、確認したところサーバのパフォーマンスモニタは1,000 CCUで頭打ちし、それ以上の人数のログインができない状態にありました。


すぐにクラウドサービス側に問い合わせたところ、数時間後に返答があり、実際に利用中のサーバが 1,000 CCUまでで制限がされている事が確認されました。(この制限自体が、サービス利用者向けに全く説明がされていないものでした)

その後、同時接続数上限の引き上げを打診し、15,000 CCUまでの引き上げを行っていただき、日本時間の2021/01/28 07:00頃に適用され、ログインできない状態が解消される流れとなりました。

The B100X used a game server cloud service (=mBaas) that allowed up to 10,000 CCUs (simultaneous connections).

However, when it reached 1,000 CCU around 12:00 am after the release, I received multiple notifications that “I could not log in due to a TTL-DPL-001 error”, and when I confirmed it, the performance monitor of the server peaked at 1,000 CCU. No more people could log in.

Many people got the “TTL-DPL-001” error because “the server has no seat to log in because the maximum number of simultaneous connections has been reached.”

When I immediately contacted the cloud service side, I received a reply a few hours later, confirming that the server actually in use was limited to 1,000 CCU. (The limitation was unexplained to service users.)

After that, I asked to raise the upper limit of the number of simultaneous connections to 15,000 CCU, which was applied around 2021/01/28 07:00 JST, and the situation where you could not log in was resolved.

今後の対応 –  future countermeasure




I apologize for the fact that I released the product with the recognition that I have secured a sufficient number of simultaneous connections, but in reality it was provided in an insufficient state.

Since it is difficult to switch to another server immediately, but I will consider switching to a more reliable service in the medium/long term.

Future new titles (Buriedbornes2, etc.) will be provided as a another service from the time of release.

その他の問題について – About other problems

[2021/01/27 22:47 Updated] v1.0.2における既知の問題について – Known problems in v1.0.2




I will continue to contact Steam to resolve any known issues related to Steam.

In addition, we will deal with the problem that some screens do not progress from loading in sequence with the update of v1.0.3 or later.

If you have any other problems, please contact us from here.



We apologize for your inconvenience.

We will continue to do our best to provide an environment where you can play more comfortably, so we look forward to your continued support of Nussygame and B100X.