About New Function “Server Login” instead of “Data Transfer”, and iOS isolation Guide



Upon request from AppStore, players can not transfer their data to iOS App from other platforms since v1.4.3.

For this, I planned the following supoort.

Support Timeline for each version

  • 【v1.4.3 (1/11~)】Disable old “Data Transfer” for iOS.
  • 【v1.4.4 (1/18~)】Disable old “Data Transfer” for all platforms and enable new “Server Login”.

What is “Server Login”?

Now you can log in to the game server. Please check below.

  • User account will be made on the game server automatically when you launch Buriedbornes since v1.4.4. (Except Offline-Mode)
  • Your savedata will be stored on the server

    automatically. On wi-fi connection, frequently. On mobile network, every few minutes.

  • You can see “Not saved on server Icon” above game screen.
  • You can log in on title screen with UserID and Password. (You can see them in config.) After login, you can share your savedata between multiple devices.
  • If savedata what the server have is newer than what your device have, savedata on your device will be override 


  • You can not log in to the game server from iOS with User account that is used on other platforms.
  • But you can start your account on iOS and log in to the server with that account from other platforms.

Old Data Transfer will…

  • Since v1.4.4, “Data Transfer” function will be removed from the game.
  • If you want to restore your savedata from “Data Transfer Code” after updating, or you want to move your old account to iOS, please contact me. I will restore your data to “Login Server” manually.

If you have any question about this, please contact me.