About B100X

What is B100X?

B100X is the latest of B100 – Auto Dungeon RPG series, which does not require any operations during the adventure.

Players and God’s Apostles “Holly” will fight with evils and challenge the seal of “the Eternal Cave” where monsters nest.

What kind of game is B100X?

You can enjoy freedom item creation and character build construction by using “mix anything” system in the series.

The battle is completely automatic in this game.

In addition, new features are added in B100X, so you can enjoy deeper adventure and character development.

  • Auto Skill
  • Job Level system
  • Season league
  • Ranking
  • PvP Dungeon
  • Add Items and Dungeons periodically

When can I play?

It will be released in Early 2021. (Windows PC / Android / iOS planned)