About the world of B100X

Guide for the worldview


God is the only one who rules the heavens.

God is all-powerful and has the power to create “God’s article” that possess various powers.

Having gained the heavens, God creates and dispatches apostles to further the dominion over the earth.

The true reason for God is shrouded in mystery.


A being that hides and lurks on earth.

They are able to manipulate, extract, and harness the power that fills the heavens and the earth.

They created “monsters,” which are the root of all things, to oppose God.

Even after the gods chased them out of the heavens, the earth remained full of monsters.


A prototype of human beings created by God.

They are lent a part of God’s power and fight as God’s representatives.

Each apostle is endowed with various “defects,” and each individual has a completely different personality.

For example, just as Holly was given the power of “fusion” and the disadvantage of “greed,” other apostles would be given various different powers and disadvantages.

The dark part of the apostle’s skin is called the “material body,” and this part is the apostle’s main body.

The core, hidden in the chest, is protected by a highly elastic protective material.