[Patch note] v2.0.0


2023.03.2931Scheduled to release.
2023.03.15Prior Release version distributed.
2023.03.13Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • Holly’s design has been redesigned.
    • The old default design can be selected as “Classic” by using the Costume function.
  • The item search condition management screen has been revamped.
    • The add/delete style UI allows for more intuitive creation of conditions.
    • Duplication and json format export/import are supported.
    • Old search conditions will be reset due to the revised condition structure.
      We apologize for the inconvenience, but please reconfigure them.
  • Added game mode selection function.
    • The old main storyline is positioned as “Chapter 1” and 2 additional game modes are added.
      • New dungeons and associated new items and monsters will be added.
      • The added game mode will be activated after Production Release (from 3/29 15:00).
    • Only Part 1 is playable by default.
    • Another game mode will be unlocked as you progress through the adventure and clear the game mode.
    • Players who have already cleared the main story in v1.X (11 episodes of the main story unlocked) can play the second part immediately after the v2.0.0 update.
  • A new menu item has been added to the crafting menu.
    • Players will be able to create ★2-3 items from special materials found in each dungeon.
  • A “Infinite Heart” item has been added to the Heart Purchase menu.
    • Once purchased, hearts will no longer be consumed.
    • Hardcore mode exit conditions will not be affected by this item.
    • Once this feature is purchased, it is not possible to switch to a non-infinite state.
  • Added “Compare”, “Pin”, and “Tag” modes to the item management screen.
    • Compare: Same function as the existing “2-selection compare” function. (Prepared separately from the information mode)
    • Pin: Temporarily displays the selected item at the top.
    • Tags: This function is used to color-code items.
    • The entire UI of the item management screen has been adjusted accordingly.
  • In the item management screen “Information” mode, a crafting result list function has been added.
    • A list of which items are converted into which items when using a denatured scroll or crafting hammer can be checked.
  • New jobs “Lawyer” and “Necromancer” have been added.
  • Added 5 new Thanks illustrations.
  • With the addition of various new contents, corresponding achievements were added and deleted.
    In addition, a bonus for increasing the maximum number of items possessed based on the total number of achievements was added.
  • Added a “Warehouse” function to the play data selection screen menu.
    • Lists the number of warehouse items possessed for each game mode.
    • To manage individual warehouse items, go to the corresponding game mode’s play data.
  • Added a search function to the event scene list.
    • Currently, only free text search of titles is supported. We plan to expand this function to include character searches and other searches in the future.


  • Adjusted the match specifications for PvP dungeons.
    • When defeated, players will not return to the first floor, but to the previous floor.
  • Added 6 new “commands”.
  • Changed the equipment limit for command from 3 to 5.
  • Added a “Schedule” display column to the log display mode of the battle screen.
    • Adjusted the battle screen UI accordingly.
  • Removed “High Speed” from the settings.
    • Along with this, the battle speed slider during battle has been adjusted to be pulled up to the maximum to speed up the battle speed as well as the old setting at high speed.
  • Added the ability to zoom in and move around when displaying Thanks illustrations.
  • Added effects to the background of each dungeon.
  • The dungeon selection state has been changed so that the state immediately before the screen is closed is retained even if the user does not depart on an adventure.
  • Some of the existing event scenes have been adjusted and changed.
  • Adjusted the event scene UI and added a “Batch Skip” button.
    • When multiple event scenes are queued, they will automatically skip until all of them have been viewed.
  • Eliminated simple display mode for switching character display. (Show/Hide only).
  • Added a utility setting to change the name of the synthesis result item to that of the ability granted to the essence when mixing with the material “Blank essence”.


  • Revamped job system.
    • Experience will be eliminated and job points will be earned from main missions.
      • In existing play data, jobs and skills will be reset once.
    • The overall structure of permanent abilities and skills gained from each job has been reviewed and redesigned.
      • As a result, skills have been added or removed from some existing jobs.
    • Job mastery system has been removed and the maximum level for each job is 10.
  • The rune system has been revamped.
    • The system whereby mixing rune-granted items with each other gives the rune word and its ability to the item after mixture will be discontinued.
    • Now, when an item with a rune attached is equipped, additional unique effects will be triggered depending on the combination of the items.
    • Along with this revamp, material items that extract the unique effects of ★4 equipment as essence will be added as an alternative.
  • Revamped crafting table.
    • The targets of items generated by various types of generative materials will be changed.
  • When downloading saved data, all play data will be designated as excluded from ranking in the following cases:
    • When data is automatically restored from the platform (Google PlayGames, iCloud, SteamCloud) upon first launch.
    • When the play time of the downloaded saved data is shorter than the data at hand.
    • The number of challenges in any one of the play data held by the downloaded saved data is the same as the number of challenges in the data at hand.
  • Some skill effects and unique ability performance are replaced with other effects due to the elimination of experience value.
  • The skills used by some monsters have been changed and adjusted.
  • Modified to allow synthesis between essences.
  • The effect of “Deadly” has been changed to take damage equivalent to the current HP instead of a direct death judgment.
  • Cooldown addition due to the ability “Outburst” is no longer affected by the effect of ignoring cooldowns.
  • Environmental effects of the dungeon “Vault” have been changed.
  • Adjusted the duration of weather effects caused by the material “Celestial Motion Device”.
  • Eliminated the 30-minute limit on save data downloads.
  • Adjusted the cost of using some material items to an amount appropriate to the difficulty of obtaining them.


  • Fixed a bug that “Influence +n%” was not affected for skill effects that refer to influence.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some skill effects to be set to 0 or 1 if the amount of effect became too large.
  • Fixed a bug in which the level of a job could be lowered with the “Oblivion Orb” after acquiring a higher level job.
  • Fixed a bug that when some values, such as parameters and junk costs, were too high, they would overflow and the values would decrease inversely.
  • Fixed some out-of-game link URLs.
  • Fixed some graphics.
  • Fixed some text.