[Patch note] v2.0.3


2023.04.19-21Scheduled to release.
2023.04.17Prior release v2.0.3.0 now available.
2023.04.17Revealed this patch note.



  • Partially fixed a problem that caused the game to freeze if an error occurred during the start of the title screen, and fixed the problem so that an error message is displayed and a bug report is sent when the problem occurs.
  • Changed so that the heart fluctuation display is not displayed even if the player loses a battle when in the heart infinite state.
  • Changed so that ailment accumulated values are displayed in the log even if an ailment is triggered.
  • When making a purchase on Steam, if the Steam overlay is turned off, an error message will now be displayed.
  • Applied translated volunteer text.


  • Fixed a bug in which retry was not performed correctly when hearts are internally 0 in the heart infinite state.
  • Fixed a bug in which the target floor for automatic rechallenge was set to 1000F when rechallenging to 1001F or later after an adventure in a dungeon that can be challenged from 1001F or later.
  • Fixed a bug in which the ability “Wearing Miasma” did not work properly.
  • Fixed a problem in which the play data could not be deleted correctly when a line feed code was included in the name when deleting play data. (Spaces and linebreaks before and after the name are ignored to check for a match.)
  • Other improvements to game stability.