[Patch note] v2.1.0


2023.08.30Scheduled to release. (v2.1.0.14)
2023.08.21Prior Release v2.1.0.13 has been released.
2023.08.10Revealed this patch note.
Start Prior Release (v2.1.0.12)


New features

  • Added new game modes: “Promise of a long-ago day”, “Fashion Competition” and “Challenge Mode 1 Sprint“.
  • Added new jobs “Ruler” and “Gambler”.
  • New costumes for Holly are added.
  • New elite monster species will appear.
  • Update of the Craft Table.
    • The crafting table refers to the table of result items using certain materials, such as a “Denatured scroll”.
    • The crafting table is updated regularly so that new items added from existing items can be crafted.


  • Changed the edit UI on the search condition setting screen to the pre-v1.X checkbox style.
  • Implemented batch crafting of multiple items in the craft menu.
  • Changed the UI of the explanation dialog on some screens.
  • New lineups have been added to the existing craft menu.


  • [v2.1.0.13-] Skill auto-use has been adjusted so that each skill can be used up to once per turn.
    • This change is made for 2 purposes: to avoid infinite loops when combining some skills and abilities, and to adjust it’s balance.
  • The “Blessing of ~ God” capability has been revamped.
    Each now has a new effect.
  • (Some of the existing abilities remain the same.)
  • “Unstoppable” has been changed to apply to more than just direct recovery by skills.


  • The subscription price on the AppStore will be changed to the same price as other platforms.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the revival effect from being applied to the causative monster and enemy monsters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Wearing Miasma” function from working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the “must be able to mix” condition was added to the search condition used when using a search condition in synthesis mode.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Fixed some graphics.
  • Fixed some text.