About In-App Purchase

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Points to note before purchasing

  • The supporter plan is an item that “purchases monthly or annually to earn all items except bonus heart/job level reset”. For this reason, the content may overlap with the individual purchase of each item.
  • Supporter plans cannot be shared on Android/iOS/Steam PC versions. (If you move your account to another platform, it will not be applied even if you have purchased the plan on the original platform.)

About each purchased item

Bonus heartYou can purchase bonus hearts.If you lose the combat in an adventure, you lose 1 heart.If you lose the combat with no hearts, you will lose all your equipments (= lost). (You can buy back up to the last 1 lost items from the “God’s article creation” function)If you have a bonus heart, you will be given a heart grace until the equipment is lost.
Item possession limit +100The default number of items you have is 100. In addition, it will be expanded according to the achievement status. (Up to +100 as of v1.0.0)It is an item when you want to further increase the possession limit.You can purchase up to 9 times (+900), which will increase your possession limit to 1000+achievement increase.
Warehouse storage limit +100As with the number of items you have, you can purchase and expand the warehouse limit up to 9 times (+900).Warehouses can share items in the same game mode of the same account (for example, between offline mode data and offline mode data).Please note that some items, such as materials and mixed items, cannot be stored in the warehouse.
Play data +1By default, you can create up to 3 play data per account.It is an item when you want to create more play data.You can purchase up to 7 times (+7), which allows you to create up to 10 play data.
Unlock costumeYou can change Holly’s costume.After purchase, all options will be available for each part. (No need to purchase options individually.)Costume option types will be added in the future update.Costume list is here
Loadout limit +5“Loadout” is a function that allows you to register a combination of equipment and skills as a set.By default, you can register up to 5 loadout per play data. (5 equipments loadouts and 5 skill loadouts)You can purchase up to 9 times (+45), which allows you to register up to 50 loadouts.
Job level resetWhen you train Holly, you will get job levels. By assigning the acquired job level to any job, you can raise various job levels and strengthen Holly.You can use this item to refund all job levels once you have given them and reassign them again (=can reroll job level).During the game, if you use the “Oblivion Jewel” that you can get in the dungeon, you can spend it to refund 1 job level. (No charge)

What is a supporter plan?

The supporter plan is a product prepared for players who are thinking “I want to support Nussygame and B100X!”. (thank you very much!)

Supporter plans can be paid monthly or annually.

If you subscribe to the supporter plan, “Item possession limit +900”, “Warehouse storage limit +900”, “Play data +7”, “Unlock costume”, and “Loadout limit +45” will all be activated.

Due to term payments, these options will be turned off again after the term ends.

On the other hand, if you purchase each item directly, including the item possession limit, those effects will be permanent. (If you purchase them directly, the price will be higher than the supporter plan)

For this reason, please purchase the product of your choice from “Individual purchase” or “Supporter plan subscription”.

About Thanks Illustrations

If you have purchased any of our products, you can view my thanks illustrations.

About Subscriptions

If you have purchased a subscription for Android or iOS, you can manage your subscriptions in each store.

Please check your subscriptions in Google Play or App Store.

If your subscription is set to auto-renew, it will be renewed automatically. (The payment will be made automatically.)

If you wish to stop or suspend play, please “Pause” or “Cancel” from these screens.


What happens if I start a supporter plan after purchasing individual items?

While the supporter plan is active, all in-app purchase items will be activated. At the end of the period, only the purchased individual items will be returned to the valid state.

Example 1) If you perform “costume change” during the supporter plan without purchasing “Unlock costume”, Holly’s costume state will be canceled after the end of the supporter plan period. By starting the supporter plan again, the recorded costume state will be restored. (Or, instead of it, you can purchase “Unlock costume” directly.)

Example 2) If you purchase 2 item possession limit +100 and activate the supporter plan, you will be able to possess 1000 items+achievement addition amount. but after the supporter plan period ends, the possession limit is 100 by default + Purchase amount 200 + Actual addition amount by achievements. If the possession limit is significantly reduced, either reduce the item by salvaging, start the supporter plan again, or purchase the item possession limit Until then, you will not be able to challenge the dungeon.

What if I buy a bonus heart after losing my equipment?

The equipment remains on the “God’s article creation” screen, and even if you purchase bonus hearts, you will not be able to retrieve the lost item. (Need to pay Junk to buy back)

Please consider purchasing bonus hearts before losing your equipments.

What if I lose with both a heart and a bonus heart?

Consume the normal heart first. After the normal heart reaches 0, the bonus heart will be consumed.

If I lose all my hearts, do I have to buy a bonus heart or start with new play data?

A normal heart will fully recover once every 24 hours. (Up to 5, updated at 15:00 JST)

In the mobile version, you can also recover your heart by +1 by watching the advertisement video on the mission screen or the heart purchase screen.

After purchasing all the products individually, I also joined the supporter plan.

Please contact us from here as we will refund the supporter plan payment.