What is “Season”?

Seasonal renewal from v2.0

With v2.0, the game mode selection feature was introduced and the season specifications were revamped.

Starting with v2.0.1, the following rules apply

  • All online play data played on the latest supported version will be treated as season data.
  • These play data scores will be recorded in a ranking by “season” x “game mode” x “normal or hardcore”.
  • These records will be kept even after the season ends. After the new ranking registration is closed, the recorded scores will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

About Season Mode

The Season Mode is a limited time mode.

The exclusive ranking prepared for each season will be retained as a Hall of Fame even after the season ends.

New contents added in the big update

Starting with v1.4.0, after the season period starts, all new content added in the season will be accessible in all modes.

Season mode will be a mode for ranking, with independent storage and progress.