[Patch note] v1.6.0


2022.10.17Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • Added the function to skip combat for the pause time.
    • When the application is put to sleep and then restored, the battle screen display is automatically skipped for the time it was in sleep mode.
  • Plans to add mini-missions to celebrate the 500,000th registered user (11/2-)
  • New season “Leaning Sun” scheduled to be held (11/2-)
  • Addition of 2 types of “Road of Humanity”
  • Addition of lineup for craft menu “Captured monster extraction”


  • Unlocking conditions for event scenes have been changed to mission-based.
    • They will no longer automatically play immediately when the conditions are met, but can be viewed at your discretion by completing the corresponding mission.
  • Added a function to indicate in the log when damage is reduced by a specific effect
  • Addition of items specifying “capture” and “essence” to search conditions.
    • Please be careful when using the existing search criteria for this change.
  • Added “unique drop” search function to the item search screen.
    (Searchable by text search “unique drop”)
  • Skill type designations are unified throughout the game
  • When operating on a PC, the Backspace key is no longer recognized as a cancel key when pressed.
  • The amount of information in each status description displayed in the adventure screen has been changed to be equivalent to that displayed in the adventure preparation screen.
  • Some material items have been designated as “destructive mixture”.
  • Scrolling speed of the log on the adventure screen has been adjusted.
  • Added the ability to read the full text of a line by touching the log on the adventure screen.
  • Changed the way some event scenes are presented.
  • Removed the list of captured monsters from each dungeon’s item catalog.


  • Change in specifications for “Influence”
    • The effect has been changed to “lower the enemy’s abnormality resistance value” just by possessing the ability.
      (For example, if you have “Influence +50” against an enemy that originally has an Abnormal Resistance Value of 200, the enemy’s Resistance Value will always be 150.)
    • Skills that refer to influence will work as before.
  • Adjustment of the performance of “Prestige of the Shogun”.
    (Damage will be reduced to 5% of its original value.)
  • Performance adjustment of “Grinding stones”
    (Effect amount changed to 5%, junk consumption increased according to the level of the target item when used)
  • Changes to the effect of “Careful preparation”.
    (Changed to “Critical rate against unshielded enemies greatly increased”)
  • Adjustment of overall monster performance}
    In line with this, some monsters will retain special abilities such as “Hide and Seek” and “Firststrike”.
  • Ability effects that trigger “when you grant” or “when you are granted” are now only triggered when it is actually granted
    (Previously, for example, “Power Drain” could trigger even in cases where it was not actually granted.)
  • Some effects have been changed from activating once per turn to activating once per turn for both the user and the enemy.
  • “Immunity” has been changed so that it can also be disabled by ability effects other than those derived from skills.
    (It is not possible to disable the constant effect)
  • “Additional Magic Damage +%” and “Reflectg Damage +%” effects now apply to values added by other effects


  • Fixed a bug in which the effects of “Appraiser,” “Blessing of Forest God,” “Parry,” “Burst Heal,” and “Iron Body” did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where when an enemy has “Prestige”, 1 Pursuit damage is dealt even though the enemy does not have “Pursuit”.
  • Fixed a bug in which the effect triggered when curing against dungeon jinx and certain abilities that inflicted a constant state abnormality would be triggered each time a healing skill was used.
  • Fixed a bug in Fractal Layer where “First Strike” and “Immunity” were not applied.
  • Fixed a bug in which the cost of mixture was sometimes set to 1 instead of the original cost in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in which the search condition item filter using text search sometimes did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue in which when the “Allow destructive mixture of protected items” setting is off, the predicted synthesis result of a protected item and some material items would show a different item than the original mixture result.
  • Fixed a bug in which the name given to an causative monster was not displayed during an adventure.
  • Fixed an issue where captured monsters were not salvaged when “Salvage Unprotected” was performed at the end of an adventure.
  • Fixed an issue in which the lineup for “Create God’s articles” could be renewed without increasing the number of challenges due to certain operations.
  • Fixed an issue in which the skills of a lost job could still be used after the job level was refunded.
  • Fixed an issue where the rune name would remain in the item name in some synthesis cases.
  • Fixed an issue where some parameters may not be displayed on the parameter confirmation screen.
  • Improved application stability
  • Fix some graphics
  • Fix some texts