[Patch note] v1.6.1


2022.10.20Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • 5 new “commands” have been added
    • On-board strategy
      • Always reduce the number of attacks to 0
    • Hand-to-hand combat
      • The player does not use any of his skills.
    • Reckless
      • Always reduces the amount of HP recovery effect to 0 (Triggerable effects are triggered as usual).
    • Unplanned
      • Curing effect on yourself will not cure ailments(Triggerable effects are triggered as usual).
    • Progress survey
      • Floors will not be skipped(Triggerable effects are triggered as usual).

The purpose is to provide a means to deter actions that you do not want Holly to take depending on the build, and a means to temporarily stop effects obtained from equipment derivatives without having to adjust them through synthesis.

For example, “On-board strategy” can be used to deter normal attacks in the early stages of an attack in a build that does not include attack as a main focus, while “Progress survey” can be used to toggle floor skipping on and off without changing equipment to match the attack situation.


  • Loading indicator is now displayed when a video ad starts to be viewed


  • Adjustment of the effect turn of the temporary buff effect on some enemies


  • Fixed a bug where items dropped in “???” (Secret Dungeon) were sometimes of lower quality than expected.
  • Fix some texts.