Temporary maintenance

Thank you for playing Buriedbornes.

We have confirmed unstable behavior in v3.9.7 released today, and since the problem remains in the existing version, we have decided to temporarily implement maintenance measures.


2022.01.05 19:55Added note on scheduled unban in batch
2022.01.05 17:28Announcement

Maintenance period

until v3.9.8 release

It is scheduled to be opened during 2023/01/06.

Occurrence Issues

In v3.9.3-6, a problem was confirmed in which save data was lost in extremely rare cases.

We have released v3.9.7 to address this issue, but it has been confirmed that this version may cause ban due to false cheat detection in extremely rare cases.

Although the number of users experiencing each of these problems is extremely small compared to the total number of users, we have decided to perform the maintenance in order to avoid the current situation where a comfortable playing environment cannot be maintained and the impact of these problems will expand.

Apology and planned solution

Since the release of the Steam version, many players have been playing the game during the year-end and New Year holidays, and we have been working hard to solve various problems in order to realize a more comfortable playing environment. However, in our haste to solve the existing problems, we have caused a situation that should not have happened.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our players.

In addition, the following actions are planned for the future.


  • Fix ban false positives.
  • [2022.01.05 19:55 Added] Unban accounts
    • All banned users from 1/5/2023 JST will be unbanned.
      This is done in batches, so there is no need to contact us individually.
  • (The save data preservation function has been fixed in v3.9.7 already)


  • Stable version Re-implementation of auto-ban detection function
  • Fixed a problem with some date displays and some functions not working properly on Thai-language devices.
  • Fixed other major problems that prevented normal gameplay.
  • As an apology, we will be distributing some gold shards to all users.
    • (This distribution will be made within two weeks of the update.)

Please wait for a while until we complete our response.