[Patch note] v3.9.9


2023.01.08Refine this patch note.
2023.01.05Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • Introduction of new save data manager function.
    • For more information, please read this article.
    • Place the “Save” button on the title screen. (Opens the save data management screen.)
    • When restoring an account with a backup code, the game will be restarted once.
  • When the game is launched, local save, local backup, platform backup, and game server backup will be acquired, and the play data with the most play time will be automatically loaded.
  • In the season dungeon “Sin”, secret monster will appear under certain conditions.


  • Long-term server maintenance will be terminated.
  • After the release, once we have confirmed that there are no problems with this version, we will distribute various currencies to all users as an apology for the previous maintenance.
    • (This distribution will be made within 2 weeks of the start of the distribution.)
  • Help buttons have been placed on the title, town, and adventure screens.
  • Adjusted the update timing of “Trade-in”, the next update will be on 1/18.
  • The “Save” button in the Town menu has been eliminated.
    • (Individual server saves must be performed from the Saved Data Manager screen.)
  • Changing the language in the settings screen will not automatically restart the game.