[Patch note] v3.9.11


2023.01.25 09:00Scheduled to release.
2023.01.22 16:00~Start to provide the Prior Release.
2023.01.18Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • Add “Always accelerate” mode.
    • Can be set from the “Configure” screen.
    • Off by default.
    • When turned on, the speed is always 2x and 1x when the screen is touched.
      (The speed is reversed from normal mode.)


  • Apply volunteer translation text.


  • Fix the problem that save data upload to GooglePlayGames cannot be executed in Thai language environment due to an error.
    • We have confirmed that this problem can be avoided by temporarily changing the language setting.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the game would not start due to an “Application init failed. (20/19)” error before the title screen was displayed.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Fix some texts.