v3.9.15 now available for the Prior Release!

What is “Prior Release”?

This is a test version that allows you to play the latest version, which will be delivered next, prior to the full release.

This is open to all participants who meet the following participation requirements.

When the latest content is delivered, you can be the first to access it, but it may be unstable.

For more information, please check this article.


[JST] 2023/05/02(Tue) 12:05Delivery v3.9.15.3.
[JST] 2023/05/01(Mon) 19:20Start.
  • For more details on how to participate, please read the page explaining the prior release.
  • As a general rule, only those who have read and agree to the participation requirements/notices can participate.
    Please understand this beforehand.

When the Production release

[JST] 2023/05/03~05 (Wed~Fri)


Update History

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