Lab Parts System

  • You can stock up to 50 lab parts for each account.
  • You can purchase “Lab Parts possession limit”. (+50/ 300 Gold Shard, up to 500)
  • You can earn Lab parts by paying flags of death to develop in Lab. High cost develop will bring high rarity lab parts.
  • You can attach your lab parts to each job. You will cost flags of death to attach. Increased amount of equiped lab parts increases equipment cost.
  • You can remove your lab parts from each job. You will cost soulstones to remove. You can keep their lab parts in your lab.
  • You can earn new lab parts in dungeon.
  • “Conquest”, “Disaster” and Dungeon boss will drop 1 lab parts.
  • There is Rare Parts that you can earn in only dungeons. You can attach only 1 rare parts to each job.