About Syndicate

As of June 2022, the syndicate feature is temporarily closed due to game server migration. I plan to re-implement the same function in a future update. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What is a syndicate?

Syndicates are groups that can be created by players.

A player can belong to up to one Syndicate.

Syndicates provide a variety of networking features to make the game more enjoyable.

Conditions for creating/joining a syndicate

  • Create condition: Clear 25F of any dungeon.
  • Join condition: Clear 10F of any dungeon.

Syndicate invitation and number limits

Each syndicate has its own unique invitation key, which can be entered in the “Join” function.

Each syndicate can have up to 50 members, including the creator.

What you can do with Syndicate

  • Syndicate whisper
    You can use the so-called chat function.
  • Syndicate Ranking
    You can check the ranking made up of only Syndicate members.
  • Sharing of special dungeons
    You can share special dungeon configurations with other players.

“Hunt” dungeon sharing

For more information about “Hunt” Dungeon, please click here.


Syndicates can be withdrawn at any time, but once a Syndicate is withdrawn, no new Syndicates can be created or joined for three days.

If the creator of the syndicate leaves the syndicate, the syndicate will be automatically disbanded.