Sync Saved Data between multiple devices

Please follow the steps below.

  1. On the device with the latest saved data, open the “Saved Data Manager” screen from the town menu during the town screen, and touch the “↑” button on the game server side (right side). (This will upload the saved data to the game server.)
  2. Next, open the device you wish to play on and start the game.

With the automatic restore function, saved data held in the same account and on a different device can be automatically synchronized via the game server.

However, due to the nature of the automatic loading of the latest play time, if you have been playing separately on multiple devices, the data will be overwritten with the data that has been played the most.

If you want to keep any data what you want on multiple devices

  1. Open the settings screen on each device and check the “Disable Auto-Restore” checkbox.
  2. Open the game on the device that has the data you want to use and upload it to the game server (and the platform if necessary).
  3. Open the game on each of the other devices, open the save data manager screen from the title screen, and download the data from the game server.
  4. If there is the data with more play time left on the platform side at this time, start the game, open the save data manager screen from the town menu, and upload the data to the platform.
  5. After all steps have been taken, all local saves/platform saves/game server saves on all devices will be unified to the same play time.
  6. When you have completed this step, uncheck the “Disable Automatic Restore” checkbox on each device.

Please note that manual downloading of saved data can only be performed once every 30 minutes on each device.