How to participate in the v3.9.9 Open Beta Test

参考: Notice of Long-Term Maintenance


[JST] 2023.01.11 15:00[Scheduled] #openbeta-v3_9_9 channel will be closed
[JST] 2023.01.10 10:50Add “How to leave from the Beta Status”
[JST] 2023.01.10 10:00OpenBeta will be finished in 3 environments
[JST] 2023.01.09 14:45v3.9.9.8 available on Android
[JST] 2023.01.09 13:15v3.9.9.8 available on Steam/iOS
[JST] 2023.01.09 12:40~Started v3.9.9 OpenBeta on Android
[JST] 2023.01.09 10:50Hotfix to fix TWN-IVB-001 error on the Steam version that prevents starting the adventure.
[JST] 2023.01.09 10:30~Started v3.9.9 OpenBeta on Steam/iOS

[2023.01.10 10:50 Add] How to leave from the Beta Status


Go to the Buriedbornes game page on GooglePlay and select the Leave Beta button.

Then re-download the latest version if necessary.


Go to the Buriedbornes game page in the AppStore and download the latest version.

Even if it is the same version as the TestFlight version, the download button should appear.

Please Note: You can continue to play in environments where v3.9.9 has already been downloaded, but if the app downloaded via TestFlight is still installed, it may not be automatically downloaded via AppStore when v3.9.10 or later is released.

Steam PC

Open Buriedbornes properties, select the Beta tab and choose None.

If necessary, the game client will be added to your download list and you will be asked to re-download it.

Issues resolved in beta version

  • [v3.9.9.8] Fixed a bug that, in extremely rare cases, the game would not progress from waiting for loading when loading the town screen after starting the game.
  • [v3.9.9.8] Fixed a bug that data is not saved in SteamCloud unless the account already has SteamCloud data.

Open Beta Test period

[JST] 2023.01.09 10:30 ~ 2023.01.10 10:00

After the beta period, the open beta will be closed.

Please follow the necessary steps to leave the open beta on each platform.

Also, please re-download the release version v3.9.9 when it is released.

Entry qualifications

  • Be able to report problems to the developer when they occur.
  • Be willing to help us find problems.
  • Be able to follow instructions from the developer when asked to do so.
  • Understand the risk of losing saved data and accept the possibility of data rollback.
  • Must be able to join the official Discord server and participate in the #openbeta-v3_9_9 channel to share information.
  • If you are playing on multiple devices with shared accounts, we would like to have you join us.

How to participate

Please read Entry qualifications first!


Please click on the link below to apply for participation.

Android v3.9.9 Open Beta Participation


Please click on the link below to apply for participation.

iOS v3.9.9 Open Beta Participation

Steam PC

Open the properties of Buriedbornes from the Steam library.

Enter the following code in the code field and click “Confirm Code”.


Then select “openbeta” which will be added to the drop-down.

Confirmation points for the beta

  • Verify that the saved data is loaded normally.
  • In the saved data management screen opened from the title screen, confirm that the same backups for the platform and game server are set as before.
  • Confirm that the saved data has been uploaded to the platform or game server in the saved data management screen opened from the town screen, and that the data is still in the respective upload destination after the game is restarted.
  • We would appreciate it if you could try various other procedures using the save data management screen to the extent possible. (Deleting an account risks making it unrecoverable, so please do not force the use of an account unless you are willing to disappear!)

Things to keep in mind when participating the beta

  • If you identify any problems, please submit a bug report.
    • Touch the clock at the top of the game screen to open the device information screen.
      Bug reports can be submitted from this screen.
  • We will share updates about the test on Discord.
    Please be sure to check the Discord channel for updates.
  • As this is a test version, there is a risk of loss of saved data.
    In the data loss, we will do our best to restore the data, but please be aware that there is a possibility that the data may be rolled back.


  • Will progress made in the open beta carry over to this release?
    • Yes, you will be required to play using the same data as in this release.