Season event “Sin” will start!

“If it’s a sin to kill someone for the sake of what you believed in, who should bear the punishment?”

Event span

[JST] 2022/12/28(Wed) 15:00 ~ 2023/03/29(Wed) 15:00

Reward exchange span

[JST] ~ 2023/04/05(Wed) 15:00

How to play the Season event

  • Complete sub-quests to get Pardon.
    • Subquests are missions that can be completed once per adventurer.
  • Once you reach a certain number of “Pardon”, you will receive event points as a cumulative reward.
    • Collecting 20,000 Pardon will give you a total of 20,000 Event Points.
  • Event Points can be used for the following purposes
    • Get cumulative rewards when you reach a certain number.
      • You will get cumulative rewards for the total number of points earned.
    • Exchange them for any reward at the Event Shop.
      • Please note that if you have not purchased a Season Pass, there is a limit to the number of Event Points you can earn.
    • Once the event period ends, all Event Points you had will be converted to Dried Leaf.
  • Purchasing a Season Pass will add additional cumulative rewards and missions that allow you to earn Event Points repeatedly.

Many rewards!

New Skin, new contracts, and more.

Don’t miss it!

Special Dungeon “Sin”

A cult repeatedly loots its surroundings for personal gain.

It was the Order of Flaus, which once had followers all over the world.

Its followers call themselves apostles of God and repeatedly commit heinous acts.

The goddess Flaus, who is said to have appeared 3 times in 2000 years and preached compassion.

What does she think of this apocalypse, this devastation?

New Season pass!


Season Pass is now available for 1000 gold shards.

Purchasing a Season Pass will help you earn more Season Points.

You will be able to see the missions that will be added with the Season Pass in the mission list after the season starts.

Please stay tuned!