[Patch note] v3.9.0


2022.10.17Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • Windows PC version to be released on Steam
    • With this, the Buriedbornes Web version will be discontinued in early 2023.
  • Syndicate” feature reintroduced
    • Only intra-syndicate ranking, not yet supported
  • A new season “????” is scheduled to begin in Dec 2022.
  • Added new web help


  • Added the function to automatically paste the code to the clipboard when a backup code is published.
  • Added the function to indicate in the log when some abilities are activated.
  • Included some data in the distribution build so that it doesn’t have to be downloaded when the game is launched.
  • Set notification categories. (Android only, can be referenced/set individually from OS settings)
  • Added the display of the quantity of lab parts in the possession currency screen.
  • Added a function that the published backup code is automatically copied to the clipboard.


  • Adjustment of various random drops and random lottery targets
  • Changed so that missions that require clearing odd-numbered floors can be completed even if the user has “Impatient”.
  • Changed the display items to show that an enemy has a barrier even if he/she does not have the “Observation” ability
  • Adjusted the amount of effect of the “Drain Life” Contract
    (This will be applied to newly acquired items)
  • Changed so that the effect of “Infection” will be activated even for statuses that have already been granted


  • Fixed a bug that caused a warning dialog to appear when attempting to replace a protected skill and at the same time ignoring the skill replacement and progressing through the dungeon
  • Improved application stability
  • Fixed some graphics
  • Fixed some text