Buriedbornes2 Closed Beta Stage 1 has ended!

Stage 1 completed

In Stage 1, we selected a few people from among those who applied to participate.

We plan to increase the number of participants little by little at each stage, and we are also accepting applications for participation in subsequent closed beta stages, so please feel free to apply.

Closed Beta Test Application Form

Stage2/3 schedule

The 2-week closed beta allowed us to clarify the improvements that the current beta version has.

Based on the feedback from Stage 1, we have decided to make adjustments to our future plans.

  • Stage 3 will be implemented after Stage 2.
  • Development and testing originally planned for Stage 2 will be performed in Stage 3.
  • In Stage 2, we will adjust and confirm the game system to reflect Stage 1 feedback.


Late October 2023Closed Beta Stage 2 implementation
Stage 2 checks whether the changed game system functions as expected.
Mid November 2023Closed beta Stage 3 implementation
Stage 3 checks network-related functions.
Mid December 2023Release target

In order to provide content and quality that many players can enjoy, we ask that you please wait a little longer until release.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame and the Buriedbornes series.