New System Introduction


Thank you for playing Nussygame games.

I would like to introduce you to some of the new systems of Buriedbornes2, scheduled for release in Autumn 2022.

Choose skills you use and rooms you move!

The gameplay of Buriedbornes is based on a simple system of “2 choices of room movement” and “5 skills to choose from”.

This principle remains the same in Buriedbornes 2.

Although the controls are simple, there are many factors involved in “choosing where to move” and “combining the skills you use”, creating a complexity of choices.

The same goes for the turn-based system where you alternate skills with the enemy.


Number of uses

One of the appeals of Buriedbornes was the ability to build combos with dramatically effective skills and abilities.

On the other hand, it is also true that such features caused a significant imbalance in the game balance.

Buriedbornes2 will introduce “Number of uses” for skills.

“Number of uses” will be recovered by moving to a room with a “Camp”, but there is no other way to recover. (There is an effect to avoid the Number of uses consumption).

When you have 0 number of uses, you will be considered defeated even if you still have Life left.

Powerful skills have a low usage limit, so you need to think about when you use them.

In the moment, combos with dramatic power like Buriedbornes1 will appear, but the more such combos are used, the more they will be consumed Number of uses, so an approach to sustain them will be needed at the same time.

Depending on the difficulty of the dungeon, your feeling of  “Number of uses” will be change.

In low-difficulty dungeons, the frequency of camps and low penalties make it possible to play with almost infinite combos without having to worry about “Number of uses”.

On the other hand, in high difficulty dungeons, the restrictions on

“Number of uses” will increase, making it more difficult to play the same way.

Skill runes and Rune link

The new system that will be the centerpiece of Buriedbornes 2 is “Skill Runes”.

There are 5 skill slots, but it is possible to have multiple copies of the same skill.

The runes attached to a skill will bring about various effects on that skill.

At this time, when you have multiple copies of the same skill, all of the same skills will have all of the rune effects granted to them.

This mechanism is called “Rune linking”, and by combining rune links, you can design your own powerful skills.

Auto use / Auto activate

Buriedbornes2 will introduce new gimmicks: “Auto Use” and “Auto Activate”.

  • “Auto use” means that the skill will be used immediately when the condition is met. This is mainly granted by skill runes. In principle, you will not be able to use skills directly that have been turned into “Auto use”. It refers to the cooldown and Number of uses, and cannot be used if it is on cooldown or has zero uses.
  • “Auto activate” means that the skill will be activated immediately when the condition is met. This is mainly an effect of legendary equipments. It does not refer to the cooldown or number of times the skill you have, so it can be used as many times as you can trigger, but the target skill is determined by the ability. The rune effect of the possessed skill is applied.

When combined with the “Rune link”, “Auto Use” and “Auto Activate” can be used to create a wide variety of builds.

  • Example 1)
    Make all 5 skills the same attack skill, and enhance their power and performance with runes. By setting one of the slots to an auto-usage rune, you do not have skills that can be used directly, and instead instantly fire 5 enhanced skills whenever you meet a rune condition.
  • Example 2)
    If you equip a legendary equipment that automatically activates “Guard (reduces damage by 50% for this turn)” every time you use a direct attack skill, and at the same time equip “Guard” in the skill slot + enhance its performance with runes, the enhanced Guard will be activated every time you use a direct attack skill.

This powerful combination can be difficult to build and operate because “Auto Use” has a limited number of uses and cooldown, and “Auto Activate” has a limited number of target skills and activation conditions. (For example, example 1 above has disadvantages such as running out of uses before reaching the next camp, or not being able to do anything while on cooldown after activation.)

However, if you utilize them well, you will be able to get a performance in both offense and defense that you would not be able to get with normal skill use.

The goal of Buriedbornes2 is to allow players to find their own combination of dramatic performance, which in Buriedbornes1 could only be obtained in certain combinations of abilities/skills.

New stuns and skill status

In Buriedbornes, “status” was for characters.

In Buriedbornes2, each skill as well as the character has a “status”.

There are various

status, such as strengthening a specific skill, or adding a “trap” to an enemy skill that will cause damage if used.

Stun works as a state, and once a skill is stunned, it will not be stunned again until it can be used again.

New soulstones

Buriedbornes 2 will have a major revamp of the currency system, but the most significant change will be to the “Soulstones”.

Soulstones will be a character-specific currency, a resource that will be lost at the end of the adventure.

Soulstones can be used for the following purposes

  • Equipment rerolls
  • Skill rerolls
  • Rune rerolls
  • Crafting equipment parts
  • Crafting skills
  • Crafting runes
  • Modifying corpses

You can get soulstones by destroying enemies, but the more powerful enemies (elite monsters, conquests, etc.) you take on, the more soulstones you can get and the more character enhancements you can make.

In order to build a powerful character build to take on the deeper levels, you will be required to choose high risk. In addition, the value of “leveling builds,” where you progress until you have enough soulstones to reach a complete build, will be greater than ever before.

Craft equipments

Buriedbornes2 will introduce the “Equipment Parts” system.

Equipment parts are equipment enhancement items that your character can carry and will be retained until the end of the adventure.

Equipment has a maximum of 5 ability slots, but if there are empty slots in your newly acquired equipment, you can attach the part to that empty slot.

If you have enough soulstones, you can craft the parts for the abilities in your recipe book on the spot and give them to your equipment you acquired.

Once crafted, the parts are permanent for that character, so you can add them to new equipment

for free

when you exchange equipment.

During your adventures, defeating high-risk enemies, such as conquests, will sometimes drop equipment parts with powerful unique effects, such as those found in legendary armor.

Contracts and Corpse MODs

The contract will be reborn as a completely different and new item.

In a word, contracts are “shopping lists”.

They are items that can have craftable list using soulstones.

At the start of the adventure, you can equip 5 Contracts to your character.

And each contracts will have up to 5 crafting recipes.

The crafting recipe for each type of contract is different.

  • Craftable Equipment Parts
  • Craftable Skills
  • Craftable Runes
  • Craftable Corpse modifications

Depending on the combination of the contracts, you can create a policy for what to spend your soulstones on and how to raise them. (Of course, even if you have no contract, you can use rerolls and let your luck do the work.)

“Corpse Modification” is ability slots that can be added to a character as a permanent ability that does not depend on equipment.

Since it can be retained unchanged even when equipment is replaced or destroyed, it is suitable for holding abilities that are the foundation of a build.

The corpse modification also affects the lab parts that can be acquired. For example, if you modify the corpse to have an offensive ability, the lab parts you get after the adventure will be more likely to be powerful

offensive lab parts.

New lab parts

The Lab Parts function as “item slots that can grant 5 arbitrary abilities”, the same as in the previous Buriedbornes.

However, the “types of parts slots” and “how to obtain them” have been newly designed.

Parts Slot type

There is 1 head part, 2 arm parts, and 2 leg parts slots that can be equipped with corresponding parts.

The head parts are mainly assigned to auxiliary effects, the arms to offensive abilities, and the legs to defensive abilities. There are exceptions to this rule, such as “offensive parts for legs,” but they are of high rarity.

How to earn parts “Dismantling Corpses”

After completing an adventure, a corpse will decay and become useless.

However, you may be able to reuse some of them.

A head, an arm, a leg…

Take only the one you choose and bring it back to your lab.

The more powerful the corpse you used, the more powerful its parts will be for reuse.

And the more powerful the parts you can collect from the next corpse that uses them.

This cycle makes it possible to “grow” the lab parts.

I plan to hold a beta test sometime in the spring of 2022.

By then, I plan to introduce detail of Buriedbornes2 in stages.

There is a lot of information that we can’t reveal, such as details, out game specs, screenshots, etc., but we hope that you will have a lot of guesses on what Buriedbornes2 will be like.

Thank you for your support!