New System Introduction Part 3


Thank you for playing Nussygame games.

I would like to introduce you to some of the new systems of Buriedbornes2, scheduled for release in Autumn 2022.

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Dungeon Order

In a nutshell, they are the main missions in past titles.

Each dungeon has Dungeon Orders, and completing the mission will progress your “Dungeon Research”. (Clearing the more difficult ones will give you more progress).

There are a variety of Dungeon Order missions, some of which can be completed with time and some of which are more difficult, but all of them must be completed during gameplay in the dungeon.

  • Kill X enemies
  • Clear the dungeon with a specific job and on a specific difficulty level.
  • Deal more than X damage in a single attack
  • etc…

By gaining a certain amount of progress, the dungeon research level will increase, and you will get predetermined reward items. Contracts, amulets, Dead Material limits (as described below), etc…

This system of “Earn points to progress through the levels and get the rewards set for each level” may be familiar to many gamers under names such as “Season Pass” or “Battle Pass”.

However, for dungeons, there is no such thing as a purchasable pass like in other games. It’s just a system that combines player achievements with rewards.

New “Union” System

In Buriedbornes 2, the Union system will be completely revamped.

Once the game has progressed to a certain degree, players will be able to join a Union.

By joining a Union, players will encounter other players in the dungeon.

You will be able to fight and loot corpses controlled by players who belong to different unions. (Even when playing offline, automatically generated corpses will appear.)

In addition to dungeon orders, players will also be able to fulfill Union Orders, commands issued by the Union.

As with Dungeon Orders, there are a variety of items to complete, but the biggest difference is that Union Orders are reset weekly.

When you complete a Union Order, you will receive a “Reputation” which can be exchanged for various rewards like currency.

Unlike Dungeon Orders, you can choose any reward to exchange here.

Your union can be changed at any time, and it is possible to fulfill all Union Orders every week. (However, there are many Unions, and more will be added with major updates, so please play within your pace.)

When you purchase a Union Pass, additional Union Orders will appear, allowing you to earn more Reputations.

Unions not only function as a PvP and reward system, but are also designed with role-playing in mind.

The “Death Laboratory”, “Remnants of Grief”, “Order of Outer Light”, etc. are all designed to help you figure out how to live in the devastated apocalypse.


“Consumables” is the successor system to Buriedbornes1’s camp items.

Consumables can be obtained from dungeon rewards and union rewards.

Each time you bring a consumable into a dungeon, the amount of consumables in your account will be reduced.

Each corpse can carry up to 5 types of consumables at the same time, and they can be used at any time after completing all the events that occur in each room “just before moving”.

It has various effects such as recovering HP, temporarily strengthening the character, replenishing the “number of times”, but the consumables used are lost and cannot be reused during the adventure.

It is therefore advisable to save consumables until later in the adventure.

There are some rare consumables that have very powerful effects, so it is a good idea to bring them with you when you are ready for a challenge.

Job Mastery

Job Mastery is a system that allows players to become more proficient at a particular job by using it repeatedly.

At the end of an adventure, you may unlock a Job Mastery.

Job Mastery is a combination of “Job” x “Skill” that increases the amount of skill proficiency you gain in the corresponding Job and Skill.

By utilizing the “Skill Mastery” described in Part 2, you will be able to use the mastered state of “frequently used skills” in “frequently used jobs” at an early stage.

Job Mastery can open up to 10 skills for each job. Once the maximum is reached, no new Job Masteries will be opened.

Unnecessary job masteries can be deleted at any time, but to gain them again, you must open them again after adventuring.

Depending on your play style, you can use job masteries in different ways, such as specializing in a particular build or acquiring skills that are easy to use in general.

New “Disaster” System

Even in the “Disaster”, Buriedbornes 2 will renew the system.

If you find the 1st trace of a “Disaster” during your adventure, the “Disaster chase” will begin.

Each “Disaster” leaves 5 traces, scattered in multiple dungeons.

Finding traces unlocks the “weaknesses” of the “Disaster”, and finding more traces weakens the “Disaster”.

If you find all the traces, you will find the dungeon where the “Disaster” is hidden, but you can also find and challenge without using the traces.

It is possible to ignore the traces, but using the traces will make it possible to fight more advantageously.

If you are adventuring in a dungeon where “Disaster” is hidden, a “Disaster hideout” will appear, and you will move from the challenging dungeon to the “Disaster Hideout”. (If you defeat the “Disaster”, you will return to the original dungeon challenge.)

The “Disaster Hideout” also has different dungeon environments depending on the type of “Disaster”, and this dungeon is extremely difficult.

When defeating a “Disaster”, you can get a rare reward item dedicated to the “Disaster”.

Dead Materials Supply

In order to bring in more powerful loadouts (Contracts, Lab Parts, Amulets), you will need to supply more “Dead Materials”.

It is a special resource, not a currency.

Each item has a Dead Material cost, and if the total is equal of less than the player’s Dead Materials limit, you can start the adventure.

The upper limit of Dead Materials can be expanded by Dungeon Order.

Once you sortie on an adventure, you will incur a short-term Dead Materials limit penalty.

Creating multiple corpses in a short amount of time will greatly reduce the Dead Materials limit, and you will not be able to start adventures with high level loadouts until the penalty is lifted.

This upper limit penalty can be canceled by the following method.

  • A certain amount of time has passed
  • Complete the adventure with one of the corpses
  • Watch video ads
  • Pay In-App Purchase currency

This system is designed to curb the gameplay of “try again and again with the same loadout and try again until you get a good pattern.”

In normal play, the penalty will be eliminated by the start of the next adventure, so the time is set so that you don’t mind.

I plan to hold a beta test sometime in the spring of 2022.

By then, I plan to introduce detail of Buriedbornes2 in stages.

There is a lot of information that we can’t reveal, such as details, out game specs, screenshots, etc., but we hope that you will have a lot of guesses on what Buriedbornes2 will be like.

Thank you for your support!