What is Buriedbornes2?

What is Buriedbornes2?

The sequel to Buriedbornes Dungeon RPG.

While keeping the popular worldview and gameplay of the previous BB, it will be a new work with various features greatly renewed.

When can I play?

Scheduled to be released in 2023. (PC / Android / iOS planned)

Will the previous Buriedbornes end?


Buriedbornes will continue to update while Buriedbornes2 is in development.

After the release of Buriedbornes2, the previous Buriedbornes will be updated in parallel until the Buriedbornes2 is stabilized.

In addition, the online function of the previous Buriedborneswill continue to be provided after the update ends.

Why do you develop 2?

There are three main reasons.

  • Technical improvements
  • Level design reorganization such as battle balance and dungeon progression
  • Add new features to expand skills, abilities, growing elements, etc.

There are ideas of extension elements that cannot be realized simply by updating the previous Buriedbornes, so I decided to develop it as a new title.

If I try to make major changes to the system to realize new ideas, there is a problem that the value of existing user assets will be lost or the playing experience that can be done now will be lost.

In order to avoid these problems, I always think that it is necessary to cultivate new ideas with new titles while maintaining the existing game play.

What will change in 2?

You choose the corpse of the adventurer, decide on the initial build configuration, start the adventure, progress through the branching dungeons, aim at the depths while defeating enemies with 5 skills.

This basic flow is exactly the same for Buriedbornes2.

Here, new options are introduced, such as a wide range of options and growing elements for building initial builds, skills with new ways to use, and a battle system that can leave players with the opportunity to overcome difficulties in unreasonable situations.

And とり夫(Torio, the Illustrator) allowed me to use his artworks in Buriedbornes2 too.

What happens to what I bought in the previous Buriedbornes?

Please be assured.

For those who purchased Gold Shard in the previous Buriedbornes, I will prepare a function to transfer the purchase amount to Buriedbornes2.

For more details, I will announce together.