Regarding temporary maintenance of iOS version v1.0.4

Thank you for playing Buriedbornes2.

Currently, Android/Steam v1.0.5 has been released and iOS v1.0.4 is awaiting review.

In this iOS v1.0.4, a problem has been confirmed with the preservation of save data.

Although the frequency of occurrence was rare, in order to prevent further data loss, we have started maintenance for some functions only for iOS v1.0.4.

Target environment

iOS v1.0.4 only

Target function

  • Creating a new adventurer
  • Purchase at the shop


[JST] 2024/1/16 15:00

(This is provisional and will be finished after v1.0.5 update)

As there were many problems and reports to be resolved for each platform and each version, it took a long time to determine which environment and situation the problem was occurring in.

Please wait for a while until iOS v1.0.5 is released.