iOS v1.0.5 has been released.


[JST] 2024/01/15(Mon) 07:50

  • Please download from AppStore or GooglePlay. In web, please reload your page.
  • If you can not find update on the store, please wait a while.


Update History

Current Update Progress

v1.0.31/10 Released1/10 Released1/10 Released
v1.0.41/12 Released1/12 Released
v1.0.51/13 Released★Today Released1/13 Released

v1.0.6 will be available for pre-release starting 15 Jan 2024.

About Maintenance

Currently, v1.0.4 is under maintenance due to save data integrity issues.

Please update to v1.0.5 as the maintenance has been removed in v1.0.5.

Plans for Apology Distribution

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to players by the many problems with this release.

After the major issues are resolved (from v1.0.6), we will be adding a bonus mission for all users to earn up to 1000 gold shards.

Please wait for a while until all the issues are resolved.