Notice of addition of monthly content (July 2024)

Thank you for always playing Buriedbornes2.

The following content will be added from July!


[JST] 2024/07/01(Mon) 15:00~

New dungeon “Deep Sea”

Many caves have been found along the coastline along the Onishi Sea, into which seawater flows. Although they are thought to be natural, carvings that are clearly man-made have been found on the walls of some caves. There is little way to know the truth, whether it is just an abstractly expressed imagination or a faithful depiction of something that actually exists.

You can take on the challenge by clearing “Slums” after the release date and time.

New disaster “Odin”

The outside gods are looking for a strong person. The outer heavens and earth are in the same turmoil as Versigard, and power is needed to control everything. Does the corpse you control have the power to pass in the outer heavens and earth? He’s here to try it out.

Odin will be added to the list of disasters that will appear.

Like other disaster monsters, you can obtain unique items from it.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame and the Buriedbornes series.