v1.2.0 is now available!


[JST] 2024/06/19(水) 09:50

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Update History

Major Changes

New union “Eastern Fallen Domain”

Bushido is about dying and finding something. Live for honor and die for loyalty. A samurai’s true feelings permeate deep into his heart. But what about the people? In other words, they have no desire to be prepared to die, as they are dragged into the unilateral mass suicide by the rulers, whether they want to or not. Contrary to the sublime and obscure beliefs of the mad master Ougai, extortion and fraud are still rampant in the city today for the sake of survival.

The new union will be available from release version v1.2.0.4.

New race, job, and origin obtained from “Eastern Fallen Domain”

Race “Zashiki-warashi”

No strength. Every time you leave camp, you will receive a random treasure chest.

Job “Swordmaster”

Every time you use a quick skill, skill power +50%/1 turn

Job “Scholar”

Skills whose skill power is less than 100 have their power increased (+50%).

Origin “Ruination”

The experience points gained will be doubled, but the maximum level will be reduced to 80.

New feature “Incubator”

A new “incubator” feature that consumes captured monsters to generate lab parts is now available!

By using a culture tank, you can generate lab parts using 5 captured monsters.

After setting the monster, the cultivation period will progress by adventuring in any dungeon, and when it reaches 100%, you will be able to obtain lab parts.

You have 1 incubator by default, and you can purchase up to 10 at the Gold Shard Shop. (If you have more than one, you can advance in all culture tanks in parallel when you adventure)

Once the culture is completed and you set the lab parts to any race x job, you can use the empty culture tank for the next culture.

For more information on how to use the system, please check this help page.

Add Easy mode

Starting with v1.2.0, Easy mode will be added for a wider range of players to enjoy.
It has been adjusted to make it easier to play, such as resetting the number of times the game is used each time a room is moved.
Please note, however, that scores are reduced in Easy Mode, and that the game cannot be used for post-clearance content.

New skills, runes etc…

Various new elements will appear from v1.1.0.

  • New race
  • New job
  • New inventory item
  • New skill/skill mode
  • New skill rune
  • New ability
  • New contract
  • New elite
  • etc…

Some additional content will be accessible through new unions and new dungeons scheduled for release in May.

Major adjustments to battle balance

v1.2.0 includes adjustments to various elements related to battle balance.

The main changes are as follows:

  • “Parry” can be inhibited by “Bind”
  • “Immobility” can prevent ailment cure
  • “Guts” can suppress the HP stack reduction effect
  • Added HP stack reduction effect due to Vulnerability/Penetration (Minus resistance rule)

For Prior Release Participants

For detailed instructions, please see this article.

If you continue to play with the Prior release version v1.2.0.3 or earlier, the fixes and/or additional contents included in the release version will not be applied.

To avoid these problems, please update your app as much as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Buriedbornes2.