Important news about future updates

Thank you for playing Nussygame games.

Today I will send you an important announcement regarding upcoming updates to Ending Days.

Since Ending Days was released on 8 May 2019, it runs with the support of many users, but the number of active users and sales have not been able to achieve sufficient levels. I have to judge that it is difficult to continue regular large updates every four months as before.

However, for users who are still enjoying this game, it is not good to completely stop this game service. So I decided to perform “Long-term postponement of large update” without service interruption.

Detailed information about postpone of large update

  • I will NOT stop any online service such as backup restoration, ranking, and in-app purchase items. They will continue as before.
  • Every four months large updates will no longer be made as before.
  • Occasionally updates will be made for balancing and fixing bugs.
    • First of all, I plan to release v1.2.7 in March 2020 for balance adjustment, bug fix and ranking reset.
  • In addition, I will continue to update small contents about once a year.
    • Most recently, I plan to release v1.3.0, which will add PvP dungeons and story content “Chronicles”, from summer to winter 2020.
  • Seasonal events, new characters and items will be suspended.
  • I will continue to update infrequently with this policy, and will resume large updates with high frequency when significant improvement in the number of active users and sales is observed.

Improvement potential and it’s problems

Ending Days had the original direction of adding various features to the game design cultivated by Buriedbornes and realizing the “fun to explore the vast world” that Buriedbornes did not have.

On the other hand, I think that this direction has given the game significant restrictions and problems.

The essential part of the “adventure in the field” gameplay was the problem that the amount of information and the complexity of the operation created a problem.

As a result, it was not possible to realize sufficient immersion and ease of play.

Of course, as many have imagined, I have spent a long time thinking how to significantly modify this game to solve problems.

However, since many problems to be solved are at the core of game design, all of the solutions are “making it a different game”. There is no other way.

If I could reach this problem during the development stage, I should have been able to take an approach to solve them, but due to the rush of the spring 2019 release, I missed the opportunity, as a result it is judged I am sorry that it was a mistake.

Apology and future

Ending Days now still has over 130,000 registered users.

Since Buriedbornes, the bar of “success” for Nussygame has risen significantly.

Buriedbornes operates 10-20 times the size of Ending Days.

The large update of Ending Days is as big as the update of Buriedbornes, so each update requires a long time, which is a trade-off with the update of Buriedbornes and the time of new development.

The current user size is not small in its own, but I was forced to judge that it was not enough to reduce time for

developing new titles and running Buriedbornes.

I am really sorry for everyone who expected this work.

Nevertheless, I will continue to make every effort to provide Ending Days to users who enjoy it.

In addition, I will continue to challenge for new titles.

Thank you for your playing and support.