What is Ending Days

Ending Days is newest RPG of Nussygame, the developer of Buriedbornes in Android/iOS/Web.

Open beta will come in Dec 2018.

What kind of game is it? Is it roguelike?

Except that it is RPG, Secret.

As the release comes closer, I will gradually disclose informations on the site. Stay tuned!

Is it a sequel to Buriedbornes?


The world of Ending Days is different from Buriedbornes world.

This story is the sequel of DeckDeFantasyDeckDeDungeon2.

But it will not be Card RPG.

Who is Eco?

She appeared in DeckDeFantasy.

She and you will become the hero/heroine of this story.

Will Buriedbornes end?


Buriedbornes continues.

Buriedbornes has stories and gameplay that only Buriedbornes can do, and Ending Days will be developed to provide different stories and gameplay.

Can I meet characters of DeckDeFantasy / DeckDeDungeon2 in Ending Days?


In what form will this released?

  • Platform: Android/iOS/Web
    * I plan to release Steam PC version, but it is undecided.
  • Pricing: Free to play, include In-App purchase items
  • Network: Needed on launch, Offline-play will be supported.

Do you support network?

I plan to prepare following contents.

  • PvP Contents
  • Save data storing on the game server with platform connection
  • Network ranking
  • Achevement for each platform
  • In-game talking function

* Please note: There are cases in which these plans are changed without advanced notice.

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