About Chronochest

What is chronochest?

A random item box that can be opened with the in-game currency “chrono shard”.

Chrono shards can not be purchased via in-app purchase.

It can only be earned by completing a mission in the game.

How to purchase

You can buy only one, or buy up to 10 at a time.

There is no change in the emission rate even if 10 units are purchased together.

Content and emission rate

The chrono chest contains a pre-determined number of prizes and the probability is even.

If the total number of contents is 280, the emission rate of items containing only one is 1/280.

If you opened all 280 chests, you will always get the item.

Reset contents

You can reset the contents of the chronochest and refill it.

Account items, amulets, and oracles all will return to their initial amounts.

Playable characters, supporters and rivals will not be included in the chronochest after reset once they are obtained.

If you purchase or exchange characters supporters or rivals directly, that will be immediately removed from the chronochest.

Other chests

In addition to the chronochest, new chests will be prepared for the event and a new chronochest that will become permanent after the season event.

Some event chests can be purchased with a exchangable item instead of chrono shards.