Adventure Item: 
An item that can be obtained during an adventure. Every adventure is over, they will be redeemed to Gold. You can not take over them on your next adventure.


Before the start of the adventure, you can purchase various account items, characters, supporters, rivals, etc. at the shop.

Prism Orb: A currency that can only be obtained via in-app purchases.

Chrono Shard: An in-game currency that can be obtained by completing various missions. It can not be purchased by in-app purchase.

Stella token: An in-game currency that can be obtained by completing weekly missions. It can not be purchased by in-app purchase.

Some items may be exchanged for items other than these currencies, such as season events.


It is a random item box that can be opened with chrono shards.

Playable characters and supporters / rivals will also appear from the chronochest.

Read here for detail.


You can check the ranking from the menu on the preparation screen.


Main missions: Once only.

Weekly missions: Missions that can be achieved once a week. Updated every Wednesday at 15:00 (JST).

And you will find special missions during season event etc….


You can check it from the menu on the preparation screen.

The clear rate is calculated based on “the number of days played per character, defeat of Satan, defeat of True Satan, and the total number of floors on the infinite corridor”.


You can check it from the menu on the preparation screen.

The items obtained and the enemies encountered are displayed.


Gifts can be received by mission completion etc.

The quantities that can be received are displayed in red in the menu.


BGM, SE: You can adjust the volume.

Language: Select the language to be displayed. After changing, restart the app.

Quality: Change the screen drawing quality. After changing, restart the app.

UserID: The UserID of the account you use. You can not change it.

Support / Contact: Link button to the contact page.

Send bug report: Send saved data with comments to the game server, and report bugs etc.

Display Name: This is the account name displayed in the rankings.

Battle Speed: You can change the battle display speed.

Vibration: You can set device vibration when playing on a mobile device.

Publish backup code: Details will be described later.

Save Data: You can save your data. When online mode, you will upload your save data to the game server.

Backup Code

If you lose your account due to reinstallation, you can use a “backup code” to restore your account.

Only one code can be published per account. If you publish a second or later one, the past code can not be used.

It is possible to restore by opening the setting on the title screen and entering the code from “Use backup code”.

Gold and carryover

Even if you lost in an adventure, Gold will be kept in your account and can be carried forward to the next adventure.

However, if your account holds more than 10000 Gold, you will only be brought to 10000 Gold for adventure.

All adventure items obtained during the adventure will be converted to gold, including gear parts and skill mods.


Basic Gameplay is repeat of  “Select Map Points” → “Combat”.

Select map points, conquer dungeons and roads and grow to defeat Satan within 100 days.

A field consists of several areas, and one area contains several map points.

Dungeons and roads have 100% chance to be opened, but many map points, such as Invasion, Secrets and Village etc… will appear randomly.

Not only when entering to the area, but also when repeated adventures in the same area, the hidden map points may be newly released.

1 day will be passed by progressing any map point.

And your characters will lose 10Brave per day.

Using Item

Adventure items are always available unless in battle.

Some items are not used directly but are consumed as a cost. (Steel fragment etc)

Field skill

The field skills acquired by the character are also available unless in battle.

Each field skill has its own cooldown and can be reused over days.

Gear (= Equipment)

During the adventure, you may pick up new equipment.

The player can choose to replace the equipment with the current equipment or give it up and take alternative gear level bonus.

Equipment has multiple elements.

Name: The name of the equipment type. Depending on the type of equipment, the tendency of parameters and special abilities to be granted differs.

Level: Level of equipment. The higher the level, the higher the parameters and special abilities.

Attack: Increases the power of Normal Attack and Attack-type skills.

Spell: Increases the power of your spell-type skills.

Guard: Increases the maximum HP and power of guard type skills.

Heart: Increases Brave amount you will earn and power of heart-type skills.

Abilities: Ability to bring about various additional effects. Up to 5 will be granted per equipment.

You can change who pick it up. (Change the target character with the button on the right center)

Ability and Training

Each character has multiple ability sets, and you can gain any ability by paying ability points (AP).

Ability Set: A set with up to 5 abilities. Characters have their own set of abilities, as well as several general ability sets such as Swordsman and Magician. 

Ability: It will give permanent effects or active skills to characters. You can learn one ability by paying one ability point. As the fourth and fifth column abilities are high rank ability, they can be selected by “After using 3 AP” and “After using 6 AP”.

Ability Points (AP): You can earn by examining the map points “Shrine”. Consuming AP limit is 13, and no more acquired APs can be used.

Link level quest and Link Ability

Link Level: Ascends by achieving Link Level Quest during adventure. It starts from 1 and rises to 5 at the most. Link levels are common to parties, not individual characters.

Link Level Quest: chieving these quests will increase Link Level.

Link Ability: An ability based on the Link level for each character. Each time your level rises, new abilities are released.

Villages and Sub quest

The following bonus can be obtained by searching the map point “Village”.

  • The corresponding supporter’s Rank increases by 1.
  • The party’s HP / Brave recovers completely. (Resuscitation)
  • One random subquest is available.

Subquests offer items to advance your adventure.


Shrine and minions

You can get the following bonuses by searching for map point “Shrine”.

  • You get some minions.
  • Earn 1 ability point.

Minions is a type of consumable that can be used to perform various tasks without wasting days.

By default you can ask for “progress on the road”, “find treasures”, “find dragon nests” . You can also increase the type of work with abilities.


When you explore the map point “dungeon”, monsters appear.

It takes 3 days to complete , and a boss monster appears on the 3rd day.

Two dungeons appear in one area.

If you clear two dungeons in the area, you will get an area conquest bonus.


Monsters appear when you search for the map point “way”.

You can clear it in 1 day to release the target area.

The road can be traversed without passing days and battles by consuming “magic map” or a minion.

In order to advance to a area, it is essential to enter the road.


Map points what you can consume 1 day to earn bonuses without the combat.

Satan castle

It is a so-called “last dungeon” accessible from the start of the adventure.

The level is extremely high compared to other map points, and if you rush into the early without preparation, you will definitely be defeated.

Opening areas, conquering dungeons, raising your level, and fostering enough characters to conquer Satan castle.


When you search for the map point “Bounty”, a boss monster appears.

You can earn more gold than usual from the Bounty.


When you explore the map point “treasure”, a boss monster appears.

Treasures can be found using the Treasure Map and the two minions.

Rare items can be found easier.

Dragon nest

Map Point “Dragon Nest” is a dungeon where the mighty boss monster “Dragon” is waiting.

On the 3rd day, a dragon appears.

It does not appear like a dungeon. It can be approached by using minions or using a method to increase the appearance rate of dragon nests.

Supporters and trade

You can trade by selecting a supporter from map points.(Day will not pass)

Depending on Rank of the supporter, the lineup that can be traded will increase.

As the items handled vary depending on supporter, try various supporters and their combinations.

Rivals and Secret

Rivals can interfere with the player’s activities in various ways during the adventure.

The map point “Secret” will penalize the party and strengthen Satan and enemy monsters unless they are explored and traversed or blocked by using minions.

By stopping, rival “Find” will rise.

“Find” is the “discovery rate” and when it reaches a maximum of 5, you will be able to kill the rival.

“Find” can be increased by following methods.

  • Conquer dungeons in areas where rivals exist
  • Take over the Invasion


Monsters appear when you search for map point “Invasion”.

In addition to earning a lot of rewards, you can increase all rival’s “Find” by 1 if you break through.

It is required to advance early as Invasion will automatically disappear after a certain number of days have passed.


In battle, enemy and allies alternate attack and use skills.

Action order: Player front -> Enemy front -> Player back -> Enemy back -> …

Quick: Some skills have only one additional skill available after use. These skills are marked with “Q”.

Brave: The power a character can spend as a cost when using some skills. If you do not have the necessary Brave, you can not use the skills. It also has the ability to enhance characters according to the amount of Brave left.

Cooldown: Some skills need to wait a few turns for reuse.

Normal attacks do not require a cooldown or Brave.

Temporary status

Various status such as poison and attack power are given to characters.

Up to 5 of the status are displayed as icons at the bottom of the character. You can read the explanation by mouse over or long pressing these icons.

Furthermore, you can check the status list by clicking or touching. (And if it is opponent, you can also touch image long to open it.)


When you are likely to lose in battle, you can flee from the battle.

You can flee immediately, but after fleeing, additional days have passed and the progress of the map points will not progress.


Things that happen in adventures and battles are logged.

If you do not know what happened, read the log.


  • You can carry gold on your next adventure. All items left are converted to gold on Game Over.
  • The higher level you kill, the more level you gain. If it is boss monster, you gain futher level.
  • If you visit villages to raise the supporter Rank, the assortment of the supporters trade will be further enhanced.
  • Raising supporter Ranks and rival Finds can result in a dedicated event that have a big bonus.
  • Levels of satan castle and some high-level dungeons are higher than other dungeons and automatically rise day by day.
  • If you clear any Road, you can enter to a new area. The dungeon level of the opened area is determined according to the number of days passed.
  • A successful Invasion will increase all rival Finds. After you use minions for it, you can clear it in one day.
  • When you raise the skill level, the probability of “Ignore Brave Cost”, “Ignore Cooldown”, and “Skill Effect Activated twice” increases.
  • You can escape from the battle, but an additional day passes as a penalty. Even if you are confused or stun you can escape.
  • Up to 5 skills MOD can be attached to one skill. Some MODs increase their effectiveness or probability by overlapping.
  • Gear abilities given by the gear parts will be strengthened by the level of equipment, such as forgestone.
  • Dedicated gears have the same level as the character’s level. Some consumables can not be used on it, but gear parts can be attached or removed.
  • If you beat the bounty, you get more gold than a normal dungeon.
  • Treasures are likely to drop legendary gears. Treasures can be found by consuming a map of treasures and two minions.
  • Bosses in the Dragon Nest drop their own legendary gears with a high probability.
  • You can use minions to stop Secrets without spending days.
  • Even if you use minions, the number of days does not elapse. There is the ability to increase the types of minion tasks.
  • As the enemy gets stronger, spend your consumable items to strengthen your gears.
  • Each enemy has weak elements. Weaknesses can be identified with the “observation” ability.
  • You can buy items from the supporters. And you can use “Inn” which recover HP and Brave in it.