Developer’s Letter May 2023

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in April 2023

B100X ~v2.0.4

In order to increase the stability of the B100X gameplay, we have proceeded with updates through advance releases.

We have confirmed that some issues remain and are preparing to release v2.0.5.

Buriedbornes2 development is going

As we reported in our last developer letter, development of Buriedbornes 2 resumed in April.

Production is proceeding at a fairly rapid pace and will be completed through a closed beta test in the summer.

Development scheduled in May 2023

Buriedbornes v3.9.15

B100X v2.0.5

1 update for each of the 2 existing titles will be implemented to improve stability and functionality.

Buriedbornes2 development

We are working hard to have a closed beta test as early as July or August.

In this developer letter, we will explain some of the changes and new systems in Buriedbornes 2.

Buriedbornes2 new informations

Skill modes

In Buriedbornes2, most skills have more than one mode; when the Brave displayed at the bottom of the HP reaches its maximum, the skill possessed is transformed into a powerful different skill.

When you use a skill, the Brave is expended and they return to normal mode again.

Some skills also switch to a different mode than normal upon use, changing into a completely different skill.

Choose your Race/Job/Origin

Buriedbornes2 will offer the following 3 options when creating a character:

  • Race
    • Human, elf, dragoon etc…
  • Job
    • Warrior, Ninja, Saint etc…
  • Origin
    • Nobility, poverty, etc…

The combination of initial parameters, unique characteristics, and skills will be determined by the combination of the 3 selected, allowing for a variety of character makeups, such as “Elf, Priest, Wanderer” or “Vampire, Bard, Vengeance“.

Special Races such as the “Dog” and the “Amorphous” do not have a choice of Job. (You can still choose your Origin.)

Character parameters and skill-dependent parameters

Buriedbornes2 introduces skills with multiple dependent parameters.

Characters can apply to a wider range of skills because they refer to whichever parameter is higher, such as “x1.2 Strength or Dexterity”.

In the example on the left, “Slash” refers to Strength/Dexterity, “Throw Edge” refers to Dexterity/Intelligence, and “Thunderbolt” refers to Intelligence/Piety.

The warrior can handle the “Throw Edge” as well as the “Slash”.

There are also skills that refer to only one parameter, such as Buriedbornes1, or a combined type, such as “x2.0 Dexterity+Intelligence”.

In the June Developer Letter, we hope to provide more specific information with actual screenshots and/or videos.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.