Developer’s Letter June 2023

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in May 2023

Buriedbornes v3.9.15

B100X v2.0.5, v2.0.6

(v2.0.6 will be released on June 1.)

In B100X, image and sound data are now included in the application itself starting with v2.0.5.

Until now, the game downloaded about 400 MB of external data when the game was first launched.

However, this format has caused problems with the normal launch of the game depending on the user’s playing environment due to connection conditions and other factors.

In the future, the new mechanism is expected to avoid problems with downloading.

Buriedbornes2 Development

During April and May, we were able to devote most of our development time to work on Buriedbornes2.

As a result, Buriedbornes2 development has progressed considerably and is now roughly 30% complete.

We will continue intensive development from July~October and aim to release it by the end of this year.

Development scheduled in June 2023

B100X v2.1.0 Development

One major update of B100X is planned before the release of Buriedbornes2.

The next update will be the first since the introduction of the new game mode system and will add 2 game modes and numerous in-game content, including new jobs.

v2.1.0 is scheduled for release in the autumn of 2023.

What’s New in Buriedbornes2

In this article, we will introduce Buriedbornes2 in a Q&A format.

What kind of game is Buriedbornes2?

This is a continuation of the Buriedbornes series.

While maintaining the world view and gameplay of the previous game, which has been well-received, the new game will feature a variety of elements that have been significantly revamped.

The game will be released on PC/Android/iOS.

For more information, see here.

How does it change from Buriedbornes1?

Buriedbornes is a title developed with the goal of creating a game that allows players to enjoy the deep fun and tension of roguelite and hack-and-slash with ease, anytime, anywhere, at their own pace, and with simple controls.

Buriedbornes2 (“BB2”) further explores this concept by using a system that differs from Buriedbornes1 in many respects.

In this Developer’s Letter, we would like to introduce some of them.


In BB2, Soulstones are character-specific currency.

In other words, it is a currency that is not held in the account, but held individually by each character.

Soulstones are consumed for rerolling equipments and skills and for crafting, and the amount of Soulstones earned during the adventure is also important in the deeper level of the game.

Soulstones can be obtained from defeated monsters, but powerful elite monsters drop more Soulstones.

A choice must be made: take a risk and collect more Soulstones, or focus on stability and take the route with fewer enemies.


In BB2, unions will be core contents at the play cycle.

Players will always belong to one of the Unions, and will be able to earn Union Credit by accomplishing missions presented by the Union, and earn various rewards by progressing through progressions called Union Orders.

The union affiliation can be changed at any time, but not all union missions can proceed at the same time, and the adventurer created will be a character belonging to the union to which you currently belong.

Each union has its own characteristics, with different missions and order rewards.

Unions also play a role in furthering flavor, role-playing, worldview and story understanding.

Unions will be numerous and more will be added in major updates.

Inventory items

BB2 will feature “Inventory items” designed based on BB1 camp item system.

  • Each character can have up to 5.
  • They cannot be used during combat and can only be used while moving from one room to another.
  • Inventory items obtained in the dungeon can be taken back to your warehouse and brought back to the dungeon when you start your next adventure with your next character.
  • The default limit is 1 carry-on, but up to 5 items can be brought in by using a bag.
  • If you are defeated in a dungeon, you will lose any inventory items in your possession.
    (Some items can be repatriated to the ground during the adventure or automatically sent back to the ground upon death.)
  • Many inventory items can be obtained from the Union, but there are also rare items that can only be obtained through dungeon drops.
    Of course, you may not always be able to bring them back safely…

Character customization

In BB2, the lab parts will be revamped, and the system will be reborn as a new training system.

The parts are divided into 5 parts: head, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg, and only one part can be brought back after each adventure to strengthen each setup (Race × Job).

It is important to choose parts while considering what kind of build you will ultimately build with that setup.

The contract in BB2 will be a new system that is completely different from BB1.

While equipments and skills normally available in dungeons are selected through rerolls, each contract offers multiple crafting menus, allowing for more conscious build construction.

Which contracts are combined depends on the build and style of play you are aiming for.


Rarity is an important factor in BB2.

Equipment that was called “legendary items” in BB1 will be represented by multiple rarities in BB2.

In other words, they are divided into 3 tiers: ★5, which has a high appearance rate and is obtained moderately often; ★6, which is rarely obtained; and the highest realty ★7, which may or may not be encountered once in dozens of hours of play. (★1 to ★4 are no-name equipment.)

Similar rarity settings are available for skills, runes, and inventory items.

Rarity was carefully designed to realize one of the production policies described below, which is to be able to take advantage of both improvisation and planning.

The ★5 items are stable performers and can be crafted by contract, so they are reliably available and serve as the core of the build.

Items from ★6 and up are difficult to target because their availability is limited to random drops in dungeons, and many of them have sharp performance, but if well matched to your build, many of them can exceed the power of items up to ★5.

Players will be tested on their ability to either faithfully realize the build originally planned, or to take advantage of opportunities presented by chance to make adjustments and changes to the build.

In addition, to ensure that many discoveries and surprises can be enjoyed for a long time in play, the ★6~ items are not merely upper-compatible with lower rarities, but are more unique and offer effects that cannot be achieved with other items.

Can I transfer over from BB1?

Because of the significant system changes described above, BB2 is not an expansion of BB1, etc., but a completely new work.

For this reason, it is not possible to transfer save data from BB1 to BB2.

Only for purchased gold shards, we plan to provide the function to transfer unused portions from the previous shard to BB2.

What will happen to powerful items such as “Eternal Dark” in BB2?

Because BB2 completely redoes the level and battle design from scratch, many elements of BB1 will appear as completely different elements, although many of the names are still used.

For example, “Eternal Dark” has been changed to “Move the unique effect of another piece of equipment into an empty slot on this equipment” and “Diamond Dust” has been redesigned as a skill that “once activated, it will spread Stun until deactivated.”(They are still under development and may be subject to change.)

Some of the unique abilities are milder than in BB1, while many of the skill runes, which will be introduced at a later date, are as powerful or more powerful than ever before.

These redesigns in BB2 are based on the following concepts:

  • The charm of the Buriedbornes series itself, “elements that make adventurers dramatically stronger,” will not be lost.
  • Then, aim for a balance where strength is not dependent on any one element, but is achieved through a complex combination/composition as a whole.
  • Give each user room to come up with their own unique build
  • Improvisation and planning, so that both can be utilized to broaden the game strategy.

In next Developer’s Letter, we will introduce the core elements of build construction in Buriedbornes2: Skill Runes, Skill Modes, Automatic Use, and Corpse Modification.

Also, if you have any other questions about Buriedbornes2, such as “What about this point?” and other points of concern, please feel free to ask us. We will do our best to explain in these and other articles whenever possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.