Developer’s Letter February 2024

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#Developer’s Letter

“Reviewing Nussygame 2023” will also serve as the January 2024 Developer’s Letter.

Development status in January 2024

Buriedbornes2 has been released!

On January 10, 2024, we finally released Buriedbornes2!

The gameplay has been very well received and I feel that I have created a game that expands on the fun of the previous title.

Buriedbornes2 ~ v1.0.9

On the other hand, it was also true that the release was fraught with many difficulties.

I deeply apologize to everyone who has been playing the game for this release, which has been riddled with problems and glitches.

I am currently working on fixing the problems on our days off and expect to complete resolving the major issues in v1.0.10.

I have confirmed that most of the problems were caused by a lack of pre-release testing (due to the small number of participants in the closed test).

I regret that I have to say that “I rushed the release” or “I should have conducted the open beta test at an earlier date”.

For future releases, I will make larger-scale testing mandatory and will strive to ensure a stable release.

Development schedule for February 2024

Buriedbornes2 v1.0.10~, March 2024 content update development

On or about Feb 5, 2024v1.0.10Eliminates major problems that interfere with normal play.
On or about Feb 12, 2024v1.0.11Improve UI issues that interfere comfortable play.

Through the remaining 2 updates, I aim to create a situation where Buriedbornes2 can be enjoyed comfortably and without anxiety.

I will then begin development on our first content update in late February.

For other detailed update plans, please click here.

Scheduled after March 2024

Buriedbornes2 regular content updates

Buriedbornes2 will feature 2 content updates.

  • Monthly Update
    • Update to add a new dungeon or union. (New union or dungeon will be added in March 2024)
  • Season Update
    • Updates to add new features and/or new content that will extend the enjoyment of Buriedbornes2. (New features related to lab parts will be added in April 2024.)

I hope you continue to enjoy the ever-expanding world of Buriedbornes2.

Support for Other Titles

I am still unable to afford the development man-hours for Buriedbornes1 and B100X.

For this reason, I plan to begin development of new versions for each title after development has been completed up to the April 2024 season update.

  • B100X v2.2.0
    • Scheduled to be released around May 2024
  • Buriedbornes v3.10.0
    • Scheduled to be released around July 2024

It has been such an unstable release that I have often been called heartless words and have no words to reply to them.

My own inexperience is sinking in, and I am extremely shocked at my lack of skill, especially on the technical side.

Nevertheless, thanks to the feedback and encouragement from many of you on the game, I am not discouraged and are moving forward, so I feel.

I will continue to develop games as long as there are people who find them “interesting” and “fun”.

I also intend to provide more opportunities for learning so that I can avoid making the same mistakes and achieve more consistent quality.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.