Developer’s Letter April 2024

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in March 2024

Buriedbornes2 v1.1.0 Large update comes!

v1.1.0 is now available!




The first major update is coming to Buriedbornes2!

The new union “Rabbit Transporter” and the new function “Limb Storage” have been added, making it even easier to play along with expanded content.

In addition, Buriedbornes2 has been introduced on Google Play in the “Newly released games” category.

I hope you will take this opportunity to play Buriedbornes2!

Development schedule for April 2024

Buriedbornes2 v1.1.2/3 release

3~ April 2024v1.1.2Minor UI improvements and fixes for some bugs.
10~ April 2024v1.1.3Minor UI improvements and fixes for some bugs.
1 May 2024A new dungeon will be added as part of the May monthly update.
1 June 2024v1.2.0Implementation of Seasonal Update
Addition of a New Union

For other detailed update plans, please click here.

B100X v2.2.0 Development

I will begin work on content updates for two existing titles (B100X and Buriedbornes1) that have been temporarily stalled due to the release of Buriedbornes2.

  • B100X v2.2.0
    • Scheduled to be released around June 2024
  • Buriedbornes v3.10.0
    • Scheduled to be released around August 2024

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.