Developer’s Letter June 2024

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in May 2024

Buriedbornes2 v1.1.5 has been released.

v1.1.5 is now available!

Minor issues in v1.1 have been addressed.

B100X v2.2.0 Development

Development work is underway for a major update of B100X, scheduled for July 2024.

The development rate is about 60%, but work is on hold as of the end of May in order to prioritize content updates for Buriedbornes 2.

Buriedbornes2 v1.2.0 Development

Development work on v1.2.0 is underway for monthly content updates and seasonal updates starting in June.

This is currently in the internal testing phase and will begin Prior Release in early June.

Development schedule for June 2024

Notice of Postponement of Update Periods

Currently, there is an overall delay in the update process due to issues stemming from health conditions.

I apologize for the inconvenience to those who have been waiting for this update, and I hope you will wait a little longer for each update.

Buriedbornes2 v1.2.0 Prior Release -> Production Release

Prior Release will be available in early June, and the Production Release will be distributed in mid to late June.

Click here for more detailed update plans.

Buriedbornes2 June Monthly contents distribution

The monthly content distribution was originally scheduled to begin on June 1, but due to an update delay, it will be available around mid-June, after the v1.2.0 release.

A new union, the “Eastern Fallen Domain,” and a new facility, the “Incubator,” will be introduced, and more content will be added in July and beyond.

Stay tuned!

B100X v2.2.0 Development

I plan to continue development towards the release of B100X v2.2.0.

  • B100X v2.2.0
    • Scheduled to be released around July 2024
  • Buriedbornes v3.10.0
    • Scheduled to be released around September 2024

I cannot go into too many details about my physical condition, but I believe that in some cases it may be necessary to revise the long-term release schedule due to problems that are difficult to foresee improving.

I will do my best to improve the situation as soon as possible, but if it is difficult, I will notify you of my new schedule/policy.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.