Reviewing Nussygame 2023

Reviewing Nussygame 2022

The year 2023 was a year of significant movement toward the release of Buriedbornes2.

Buriedbornes2 Release January 10, 2024!

Buriedbornes2 is finally here!

The second half of 2023 has been focused on the development of Buriedbornes2.

After a total of 3 closed beta tests, I feel that I have been able to identify potential issues that existed during the alpha phase and prepare the game well for release.

I was scheduled to release the game on December 20, but due to family reasons we had to push back the release date to January 10, and I am now using the 3 weeks of extra time that this gives me to make the final brush ups.

I am now in the process of finalizing and polishing the new version of “Adventure and Blasphemy”.

B100X v2.0 Released!!

On March 31, 2023, B100X v2.0.0 “New Chapter” was released.

Although there were some concerns about this rather large update, including a revamped job system, the player population has remained stable over the medium to long term.

During 2023, I was only able to do one major update due to our focus on Buriedbornes2 development, but I hope to increase the frequency of major updates again in 2024 and enrich the content for the upcoming v3.0.0 update at the end of 2024.

Started Developer Letters

Nussygame is a game development sole proprietorship run by me, ohNussy.

Because I am an individual, it is difficult for me to predict my medium- to long-term development schedule. (Since I am responsible for all the work myself, any temporary work or other projects that I have to deal with will slow down the rest of the work.)

In order to keep you up to date on the latest development status and plans, and to provide as much reassurance as possible to those of you who are waiting for new releases and updates, I have started to send developer letters once a month starting in 2023.

After continuing this developer letter for a year, I feel that this policy has been very meaningful.

I hope to continue the Developer Letter in 2024 and beyond.

Improved development environments

Beginning with the development of Buriedbornes 2, I reviewed the technical structure of the entire game project and introduced a system to clearly identify the source of defects.

I also designated every weekend as a Refactoring day to ensure that I have time to organize the source code in parallel with the development of the game.

After 3 closed beta tests, I feel that these measures have been very effective. (The time it takes to get to the cause of a problem after it occurs has really shortened!)

I am very happy to see the results returned in development man-hours and overall game stability through daily improvements since the reference to refactoring was made during the 2021 review meeting.

I will continue this measure in the future and strive to create an environment where I can provide more stable games from aggressive source code improvements.

Towards 2024

With B100X v2.0 and Buriedbornes2, I feel that this has been a year of steady progress toward the next step of Nussygame.

Needless to say, in 2024, I aim to release Buriedbornes2 and stabilize the new development structure from there (BB1/BB2/B100X will be 3 titles in parallel).

Buriedbornes2 will do away with the season system used in the previous Buriedbornes1, and will maintain access to all content added in the past, no matter when you play, by adding content incrementally through monthly updates.

I will do my best to avoid any problems, but I anticipate a great deal of confusion immediately after release.

As an indivisual developer, my human resources are limited, so I ask that you please keep a warm eye on me and bear with me.

ohNussy’s recent personal activities

Progress of Cancer

I was hospitalized in late 2020 for surgery to remove cancer.

I will give you a light update in this matter.

  • 3 years have passed since my hospitalization and I have not seen any metastasis.
    For about 2 years, I have continued to have CT and blood drawn once every 3 months to check for metastasis, but from now on, CT will only be required once every 6 months. 😀
  • Medication is likely to continue for a while longer for the blood test issue, which I was told might end soon… X(
    Maybe I should think about my diet a little more, but it’s not good that I tend to eat too much sweet stuff when I’m busy with work.

Monster Hunter NOW

I have been playing a lot lately.

I am impressed by how well it is designed to be enjoyed in a short period of time. I have tried many location mobile games, but this is the most suitable for me.

On Sundays, I go out for a walk for about 30 minutes or an hour to relax and play.

I play with my main Long Sword.

I have been playing with Slash axes since Monster Hunter 3, so I plan to switch to Slash Axes when it is added to this game.