B100X, Buriedbornes2リリース遅延のお知らせ – B100X, Buriedbornes 2 release delay due to developer health reason


当初予定しておりました、新作 B100X (2020年内予定) と Buriedbornes2 (2021年内予定)、 またBuriedbornes v3.5.0 (2020/11/11予定) につきまして、やむを得ない理由により、遅延させていただくこととなりました。

Thank you for always enjoying the title of Nussygame.

I have decided to delay the new B100X (scheduled for 2020) and Buriedbornes2

(scheduled for 2021), and update of Buriedbornes (

scheduled at 11 Nov 2020) , which were originally planned, for unavoidable reasons.


原因について – Reason




Nussygame is an individual developer of ohNussy.

Today, I confirmed to have a tumor in my body.

It is unconfirmed whether it is malignant, but it is necessary to remove the affected area without waiting for the judgment of benign or malignancy because it is a site known for its rapid metastasis, so I was decided to be hospitalized tomorrow.

Until now, I have been developing on an urgent schedule for the release of B100X, but due to this hospitalization, I have to decide that it will be difficult to release within the year.

延期の詳細 – Detailed delay

  • B100X
    • 2020年内
      In 2020
    • → 2021年第1四半期内
      In First quarter of 2021
  • Buriedbornes2
    • 2021年内
      In 2021
    • → 2022年第1四半期内
      In First quarter of 2022
  • Buriedbornes v3.5.0
    • 2020年11月11日
      11 Nov 2020
    • → 2020年12月上旬
      Early Dec 2020

この影響を受けて、後続となる Buriedbornes2 のリリースも順延を受ける事となります。

また、明日すぐに入院する事となってしまったため、そもそも実施する時間が取れなくなってしまったため、Buriedbornes v3.5.0 もアップデートを延期する事となります。

As a result of this, the release of Buriedbornes2 will also be postponed.

Also, since I will be hospitalized tomorrow, I have not had time to do it, so Buriedbornes v3.5.0 will also postpone the update.

今後について – The future




The results of the diagnosis suggest that chemotherapy may require me to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time.

This may further postpone the release.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but please forgive me in advance.


I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.